The German Metal Forming Association (AGU) aims at the advancement of forming technology on technical-economic grounds according to the priorities set in DIN 8582 to 8588 and 8593:

Technology including design, tools, machine tools and environment, process design and simulation as well as company organization in national and international cooperation by research and development, by transfer of technology to and cooperation with industry, and by spreading relevant knowledge.

These aims in teaching, research and development as well as transfer of technology are pursued by:

  • Mutual information about courses, study programs and degrees, student research projects,  Bachelor and Master theses, dissertations, habilitations, research topics, publications, and talks
  • Public information events as colloquia, seminars, etc. of individual AGU institutes
  • Joint presentations of AGU aims, activities, and results at technical exhibitions, trans-regional technical exhibitions, and much more
  • Contact to and exchange with institutions as DFG (German Research Foundation), AIF (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations), BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) with affiliated authorities, Volkswagen Foundation, State Ministries for Economy, Science, and Research, EU organizations, and much more, on research funding and research-relevant questions
  • Development of proposals for the promotion of forming technology and interdisciplinary main research areas, emphasizing the merging of scientific fundamentals and production engineering applications
  • Cooperation with foreign institutions, organizations, etc. in the context of the education and support of students, of research and research funding, and of technology transfer